Wolverine News: Wolverine Makes Marvel’s Mount Rushmore

Marvel 70th Anniversary

Above left is the special promotional art for Marvel Comics 70th Anniversary and note how prominent Wolverine’s placement is. He has made the Mount Rushmore of Marvel Comics and at least seven of his covers grace the background. What greater honor could our favorite mutant hope for? How about plans for a comic based on the Marvel Superhero Squad toys. <sigh>

Now down to previews…

-X-Men: Legacy #217 (preview): Original Sin, Part 2…
-Wolverine: Manifest Destiny #1 (preview): Jason Aaron, writer of ‘Get Mystique’, returns…
-Secret Invasion #7 (no preview): Little is known of this penultimate chapter. Expect some big surprises…

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15 years ago

note how prominent Wolverine’s placement is.

I have noticed this for a long time now. Logan is always somewhere on the front or beside the other major Marvel players. He is becoming more and more a favorite character and now he is either to the left or right of Captain America and Spider Man.

Which is great. That means he isn’t just a X-Man anymore, but his own unique character and major player of the Marvel Universe.

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