New Exiles #12 Review: No Longer the Best There Is…

New Exiles #12 coverNew Exiles #12
“Wild Child!”
Writer: Chris Claremont
Penciler: Paco Diaz Luque; Inker: Norberto Fernandez

When I was first introduced to Wolverine, Chris Claremont was writing some of the best X-Men stories ever done. Between his scripts and John Byrne’s artwork, the duo created the Golden Age of X-Men comics, offering up iconic Wolverine moments issue after issue that, frankly, are the reason I still read Wolverine comics today.

Hell, they are the reason this website exists.

So for me, it is especially sad to see Chris Claremont as a mere a caricature of himself as he writes New Exiles. The overwhelming amounts of exposition, page after page of heavy dialogue, the same cast of characters, the overuse of the word “boss”.

Thankfully, the dreadful Hydra Wolverine saga comes to a close this issue so I won’t have to continue witnessing how far a giant of comics has fallen.

Have you read this issue? Share YOUR thoughts below…

From Marvel (preview): “Another double-dose of dimensional deeds dives your way this month! First, in issue 12, Sabretooth and Cat finish their face-off against Madame Hydra and her evil band of crosstime killers. Then, as a new arc begins in issue 13, the Exiles deal with the fallout of their last two missions…oh, and that pesky impending End of All that Is, the death and destruction of the OmniVerse! It’s a double-barreled confrontation that not all of them may survive.” On sale October 1, 2008.

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