Marvel Apes #3 Review: Comedy or Horror?

Marvel Apes #3 coverMarvel Apes #3
“Gorilla Warfare”
Writer: Karl Kesel
Artist: Ramon Bachs

“The Official History of the Marvel Apes Universe, Part 3: When Simians Persist in Clashing”
Writer: Tom Peyer
Pencils: Mike McKone; Inks: Lanning & Smith

I’m still having a hard time with this series. At times it wants to be a farcical comedy complete with stupid ape-names, bushels of bananas and other dumb sight gags, and at other times it wants to be a serious, scary and violent version of the Marvel Universe.

I, for one, think they need to pick one or the other, because this series just isn’t working for me the way it is (Wolverine tossing Dr. Bruce Bananner out of the back of the airplane notwithstanding).

Now if I were to make the call, I would choose the dark, violent and scary ‘Planet of the Apes’ meets ‘Lord of the Flies.’

Otherwise, all you have is a ‘Not Brand Echhh’ meets ‘Mad Magazine’ one-shot.

And this thing is four issue long.

What do YOU think ‘Marvel Apes’ should be? Funny, scary, both?

From Marvel (preview):
It’s Gorilla Warfare as the Simian Superheroes plot their primate plan against the human’s homeworld– and the only one who can stop them is… The Gibbon!?!
Good thing he has help from… Speedball??!!?!
We’re doomed…
Don’t miss the all-out ape action and primate (plus prosimian!) pandemonium in this– the must-read mini-series of the month! Be the envy of your friends as people ask: “Is that a copy of MARVEL APES in your pocket… or are you just happy to see me?” On sale October 1, 2008.

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15 years ago

How about niether. This mini-series is purely an attempt to cash in on the Marvel Zombie phenom. Otherwise, there is no reason it. A one-shot, like you said DiG. That might be more acceptable.

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