Wolverine News: Weapon X & Astonishing Sneak Peeks

Weapon X: First Class #1 Gambit cover

Wolverine News
-READ IT NOW: Weapon X: First Class #1 Preview as FREE Marvel Digital Comics Exclusive
Astonishing X-Men #27 Sneak Peek: On sale October 15.

Probable Wolverine Appearances This Week
-Cable #7 (preview): Wolverine and X-Force guest-star…
-Marvel Apes #3 (preview): Monkey-Wolverine stars….
-New Exiles #12 (preview): Wraps of Hydra-Wolverine saga….

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15 years ago

Same here. Go Gambit. HOpe they publish it as a TBC (or show it for free on Marvel digital comics, else I won’t get to read the rest, and that would be a pity.

15 years ago

I am not a fan of working Gambit into the Weapon X timeline. It seems like a complete marketing ploy and Wolverine Movie tie-in.
That aside, is it me or did their attempt to make Gambit look young made him look very feminine. His outfit minus the trademark trench coat looked like he was wearing a pink top with spaghetti straps… not cool.
Otherwise, this series could prove to been fun and interesting.

15 years ago

The sneak peak for First Class was cool. I can’t wait to read that series.

8 years ago

wolverine could regenerate with the left over matetr after the rest is disintegrated by jean, so it has nothing to do with jeans ability to disintegrate matetr. He can just simply regenerate from wounds that are slow damaging, unlike nuclear bomb which could vaporize him almost instantly. Mar 19 ’12 at 18:30

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