Wolverine: Origins #28 Review: Stalling for Original Sin

Wolverine: Origins #28 coverWolverine: Origins #28
“Original Sin, Prologue”
Writer: Daniel Way
Artist: Mike Deodato

Let’s be honest, this entire issue could have been told in only a few pages.

I get the sense that Marvel Comics told Daniel Way to stall until the next big crossover, Original Sin, is ready to begin.

Over half the issue is spent flashing back to Wolverine’s first fight with the Hulk and we only get a small chunk of new information — a dash of perplexing black ops espionage involving Romulus — and a complete retelling of Wolverine’s recruitment into the X-Men by Charles Xavier.

Of course, this retconning is exactly what bothers me about this series. I’ve been avidly reading Wolverine’s adventures for 30 years (yikes!) and these second-rate retcons feel like a slap in the face for the fans who have supported Wolverine over the years.

And truth be told, I actually enjoy when writers elegantly reveal additional layers to older stories, but ‘Wolverine: Origins’ has done this so crudely over the past three years as to insult the original stories that made Wolverine popular in the first place.

Disagree? Speak out in the comments below…

From Marvel (preview): “FEATURING ART BY NEW REGULAR PENCILER, MIKE DEODATO, JR.! Wolverine’s days in the Weapon X program, his first encounter with The Incredible Hulk, his induction into the X-Men…it’s all here in the prologue to DARK DECEPTION, next month’s WOLVERINE: ORIGINS and X-MEN: LEGACY crossover!” On sale September 24, 2008.

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15 years ago

That Because of what I am–Because of what we are- his mother was slaughtered and he barely alive was stolen from her dyin’ womb and rasied as a killer by a heartless monster. I don’t think Daniel Way is reconning things for the sake of having things done his way. I don’t know for sure what Bucky’s back story is, I can only speculate that it was shameless self promotions for his own melodramatic story line. But from what I read so far , Daniel Way has stood true to all of Wolverine’s past events. He has cleverly tied together… Read more »

15 years ago

Totally agree sabertooth was boring and two dimensional with a past even more vague then wolverines he was evil for the sake of evil and no one is like that in real life or beliveable fiction unless they are mental in which case they cant also be cold and calculating or wind up dead. There was no reason why wolverine or the punisher hadnt killed him already. I agree with roleplay adventures the headchopping was awsome its like wolverine said im finally tired of the same old money making show downs your a murderer and im taking you out. It… Read more »

15 years ago

I don’t think Daniel Way is reconning things, in fact, I tthink he doesn’t respect at all the chronology of the events of Wolverine history. Wolverine was free from Weapon X (from Romulus) when he escaped the program that bonded his bones with adamantium, then how it comes that we are still reading “Romulus”? Let me guess, Romulus was disguised in James MacDonald Hudson when he found Logan in the wild….

15 years ago

Probably the same reason Logan still works for the Canadian government and calls himself Weapon X afterwards. Isn’t it strange how Logan wouldn’t remember any of that ?

Also in Wolverine : First Class, we find out that the Canadian Government knows what happened to Logan. Which is one of the reasons he leaves.

15 years ago

Maybe you don’t understand why there are many fans who feel frustrated. For us, Logan is WWII hero, when Logan worked for the CIA, for the canadian army and as a secret agant, he proved to be a hero, but Way implies that he became a hero after joining Xavier? for me it doesn’t make sense, logan led a life similar as Sabretooth all his (long) life until the 90’s when he joined the X-Men and decided to be a hero? Anyway, since D. Way seems to make things on his way, I hope people will stop buying Origins, just… Read more »

15 years ago

The main problem I have with the Origins, is that it started out with such promise. as Comusiv said, reconning so it makes sense, is fine, and the news that the winter soldier was involved with wolverine’s escape from weapon X (a story line they still have yet to follow up), Jasmine Falls (when it was in 1950’s) and even Born in the Blood, were all good stories with a lot of potential. However since then it has gone down hill, and is frankly irriating. Some mistakes have even destroyed previous recons (Jasmine Falls in the 1930’s, sorry Bucky wouldn’t… Read more »

15 years ago

One of the things I find hilarious is that he is wearing a new costume. (In the previous issue he was wearing is brown and gold one.) That’s very shameful, even for a Origins fan like myself.

15 years ago

I suddenly got a feeling of uncaring by the individuals involved with this series. I know Daniel Way has said point blank that he doesn’t care about all that’s come before with Wolverine and will change things however he feels to make his story work but what about the editors? Aren’t they supposed to proof the pages before sending it to print didn’t even make sure that when he fought Hulk and Wendigo he was wearing his original outfit? Plus wasn’t it just a few short months ago that we got that great story about Wolverine’s last mission for Department… Read more »

15 years ago

I agree. If you dislike the comic you should stop buying it. It’s meant to be fun and not something that you get pissed over.

I hope you understand that just because you don’t like it, it doesn’t mean the Origins fans shouldn’t. Everyone has their own personal tastes, perhaps we could both enjoy X-men comics in our own way. ^_^

Thanks for responding. And while I still don’t think Logan was in control of his actions, I do understand and acknowledge your point !!

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