Ultimate Origins #4 Review: Waiting for Ultimatum

Ultimate Origins #4 coverUltimate Origins #4
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Butch Guice

With Wolverine featured on page one of Ultimate Origins #4, one would think he would have a starring role this month.

But one would be wrong, most egregiously wrong.

Wolverine’s single-page cameo aside, we do delve deeper into the back story of the Ultimate Universe and set the stage for Ultimatum.

And as interesting as that may be, I am concerned that if Ultimatum doesn’t arrive soon, we are all going to lose interest before it even gets here.


Have you read this issue? Share YOUR thoughts below…

From Marvel (preview): “Continuing the shocking exploration of the dark side of the Ultimate Unverse! For the first time we learn: How did Nick Fury become Nick Fury? How did the Hulk become the Hulk? And, finally, how did a baby Peter Parker connect to it all? Plus: the Ultimate Watcher has appeared and he is here to witness the Ultimatum!” On sale September 10, 2008.

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15 years ago

Nothing missed… as I delve back into the history of the Ultimate Universe, I’m finding more and more contradictory histories, which is frustrating since the Ultimate Universe was created to give continuity a fresh start.

In my opinion, this is sloppy work by the editors and writers. It’s not like they have that much history to cover.

15 years ago

Not to mention the problem I posted here: LINK

Seriously. Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Origins was released at the same time! What the hell Marvel?

And whatever happened to the dog tag Wolverine got ? (or was it a necklace?) I thought Logan was looking for his lost family in the first and second Ultimate X-Men series. Did they just forget about that plot?

15 years ago

I’m confused about Wolverine’s history after reading Ultimate Origins. When the Ultimates first started, Wolverine was suposed to have done missions with Captain America. But after reading these books it looks like Wolverine was captured for war crimes with Fury and sent back to Canada for experimentation before Steve Rogers was ever given the Super Soldier formula. Did I miss something??

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