Marvel Adventures The Avengers #27 Review: More Dumb Humor

Marvel Adventures the Avengers #27 coverMarvel Adventures The Avengers #27
“And Some Other Small Problems”
Writer: Paul Tobin
Penciler: Jacopo Camagni
Inker: Troy Hubbs and Norman Lee

While Wolverine does not appear in the dreadful (and offensively stereotypical) lead story by Jeff Parker and Ig Guara, he does have a humorous (if highly improbable) cameo in the backup story.

And that seems the biggest problem with this series — going for the stupid sit-com laugh over any sense of story, reality or continuity.

As I’ve said before, I don’t see how any of these stories could possibly hope to bring in new readers.

Especially when the top-selling manga that are pulling in the young audience are all about story, continuity and a depth rarely seen in the comic book industry anymore.

From Marvel: “Marvel: Okay, 27 is your final Avengers issue- we’re expecting something special.
Parker: Oh don’t you worry, it will be. Heh.
Marvel: Really? Great! Who’s in it?
Parker: Um… the guy with the thing- trust me, it’s going to RAWK.
Marvel: You don’t know what the story is yet, do you.
Parker: -think my phone’s running out of juice-zzzz-can barely hear you— bwip*” On sale August 27, 2008.

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