Wolverine: First Class #6 Review: The Best There Is at What I Do…

Wolverine: First Class #6 coverWolverine: First Class #6
Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist: Salva Espin

Another terrific issue from Fred Van Lente.

Wolverine is hysterical, decked out in Calgary Flames gear and waiting for game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals to begin as is his unrivaled joy at the prospect of an evening drinking beer, watching hockey and eating donuts.

Even better are his reactions to all the obstacles that attempt to get in his way.

“I’m the best there is at what I do. And what I do is WATCH HOCKEY!”

Absolutely priceless.

And the comedy dissolves to a very sweet ending, even for a curmudgeon like me.

From Marvel (preview): “TONIGHT! On a brand-new ‘When Teenage Mutant Girl Sleepovers Turn Deadly’: SIRYN and KITTY PRYDE get into a no-holds-barred throwdown of a catfight over COLOSSUS’s love, with WOLVERINE caught in the middle!” On sale August 27, 2008.

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15 years ago

This was a silly story but I still loved it. Wolverine does take a back seat in this issue, but I like seeing these types of stories so much.

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