Avengers/Invaders #4 Review: Wolverine Appears!

Avengers/Invaders #4 coverAvengers/Invaders #4
“Book Four: Hell on the Helicarrier”
Plot: Alex Ross & Jim Krueger; Script: Jim Krueger
Pencils: Steve Sadowski

At long last, Wolverine makes more than just a cameo appearance — though only barely.

And our cranky mutant finally gets some decent dialogue, “What’re you? The God of borin’ me ta death?!”

I’m not sure exactly where this series is going as the story, unfortunately, fails to match the brilliant covers by Alex Ross.

Eight more issues to see if this is a buildup to something spectacular or just another superhero slugfest.

From Marvel (preview): “Act One of this 12-part event concludes with a four-way battle royale among both teams of Avengers, the Invaders and the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – all above the landmarks of Washington D.C. Plus, Doctor Strange discovers the secret of the time-lost Invaders, all while trying to keep all of history from rewriting itself…and the Avengers out of reality.” On sale August 6, 2008.

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