New Avengers #43 Review: Flashbacks 14 Actual Story 9

New Avengers #43 coverNew Avengers #43
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils: Billy Tan; Inks: Danny Miki

Nine pages of actual story.

That’s the most we’ve received from ‘New Avengers’ (or ‘Mighty Avengers’ for that matter) in over three months.

Sure, we had 14 pages of Skrull flashback (including a pre-X-Men Wolverine asking, “Anyone else all kinds of pissed off?”), but we also managed nine pages of things actually happening.

And guess what we learned.

Remember the Captain America who emerged from the Skrull ship with all the other heroes who turned out to be Skrulls?

Well, it turns out he’s a Skrull, too.

Shocking, I know.

From Marvel (preview): “SPIDER-MAN VERSUS CAPTAIN AMERICA IN THE JUNGLES OF THE SAVAGE LAND! But who is who and what is what?? At least one of these people isn’t who they say they are. Plus a huge chapter in the Secret Invasion story as more information as to how the Skrulls set their major plans in motion is revealed…” On sale July 23, 2008.

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15 years ago

I agree. YAWN. I could care less about the Skulls.

15 years ago

I feel sorry for DiG having to buy all wolvie apps and I have the same problem with a different character but Im trying to hold in the “if you dont like it dont buy it comment”

15 years ago

At least this issue was better then number 42. (Who cares about Spider Woman?) I wish I got the Mighty Adventures books, since they seem to be a little bit better. Did you notice how Logan automatically knew that they were landing in the Savage Land? I know I’m being nit picky, but pre-X-Men Wolverine didn’t go to the Savage Land until way after joining the X-Men. We could argue that this is Skrull Wolverine and he was altered by the Queen Skrull. But I just felt like being a comic nerd and complaining. :P

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