Ultimate X-Men #96 Review: Ultimate Elseworlds

Ultimate X-Men #96 coverUltimate X-Men #96
‘Absolute Power, Part 3’
Writer: Aron E. Coleite
Penciler: Clay Mann; Inker: Carlos Cuevas
Artist: Brandon Peterson

This story arc has been throwing me for a loop since it began.

It’s really quite good (especially with this issue’s Wolverine revelation), but for some reason, it hasn’t clicked for me.

And then it hit me.

This isn’t the Ultimate Universe.

Take the overwhelming self-righteousness prevalent on both sides of the Banshee drug controversy. Indignation that came out of nowhere and has turned this series into more of an Elseworlds version of ‘Ultimate X-Men.’ Ironic for ‘Ultimate X-Men’ itself is an Elseworlds version of the original Marvel mutants.

Good thing we’re only a few months away from the ‘Ultimatum’ and the end of the Ultimate Universe as we know it.

From Marvel (preview): “X-Men vs. X-Men! After their attack on Alpha Flight, Colossus and his team are wanted fugitives! Worse, they’ve become addicted to the insidious drug known as Banshee! Now it’s up to the other X-Men to take them down. Yes, it’s mutant vs. mutant! When the X-Men go to war with each other, who wins? Plus, the startling revelation of Jean Grey! Where did she go after defeating Apocalypse? Find out here!” On sale July 23, 2008.

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15 years ago

That was a pretty cool scene with Wolverine , Spider-Man and Kitty. But I have one important question…. What the hell is a ElseWorld ?

All and all I really enjoyed Ultimate X-Men. Are they really going to put a stop to all the “Ultimate” titles ?

15 years ago

I use Akismet through WordPress and it does a pretty good job. A few offensive comments have gotten through of late, so I am now updating my personal WordPress spam filter on the site. Fingers crossed it will catch the new stuff leaking through.

15 years ago

DC created Elseworlds as a way for creators to write non-canon stories about their heroes. They tended to be longer and better than Marvel’s What If one-shots that focused on what would happen if some critical event happened differently.

I do like this story, but it just introduced too many new elements (like the outrage over Banshee drug use) for it to be believable. As believable as super-powered mutants can be.

15 years ago

Ah. Thanks for clearing that up DiG. Ever think of adding Captcha to your blog, so these spam bots stop posting on your beautiful site ?


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