Review: Mighty Avengers #16

Mighty Avengers #16 coverMighty Avengers #16
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils: Khoi Pham; Inks: Danny Miki

Presenting… How Elektra came to be a Skrull!

Starring… Wolverine-Skrull! He stretches! He says things like, “Finish her fast!” And he dies when you stick a sai in his eye!

Please make it stop.

‘Secret Invasion’ is a truly dreadful comic book event. The world has stopped for four months while Brian Michael David Thomas Bendis shares every single freakin’ detail about the Skrull Invasion.

TMI, Brian. TMI.

Wake me up when the invasion is over.

From Marvel (preview): “ELEKTRA IS A SKRULL!! Words that have echoed through Marvel Comics for the last two years. But how did this happen and for how long has this been true? THE ANSWER IS HERE! Hint! She went down swinging. Plus the answer to the biggest question in modern Avengers history…” On sale July 16, 2008.

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15 years ago

This is just a stupid gimmick to make us buy both of Marvel’s Avenger titles. They sprinkle a connected story among four or five different books, and we’re stuck trying to catch up with all of them. :P

The description you put for Skrull Wolverine was priceless though. I love you Dig, I now officially have one thing about Secret Invasion I actually like. Your review for Mighty Avengers 16.

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