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Let me pull back the veil a little today since new comics won’t arrive until Thursday and I’ve already published sales analysis and Wolverine news earlier in the week.

You may have noticed that I’ve been making changes to the site recently — moving to a daily publishing schedule, increasing the size of the covers in posts, and the addition of new features like the aforementioned sales analysis.

I would also like to publicly thank frequent commenter ‘EmperorVamp’ who was kind enough to nominate ‘Wolverine Files’ for the Project Fanboy Awards (I’ll let you know when voting starts).

And finally, I want to acknowledge ‘Roleplay Adventures’ for recent kind words and comments…

You ever think of setting up an ‘Ask DiG’ section? I know myself that I would enjoy being able to come to you with questions on the X-Men. For example I came across a comic that I thought was very interesting.

Logan charging Cyber

The Marvel Database says the issue contains a ‘Wolverine’ who has become a ”pure rage with god-like fighting abilities.” Also there is suppose to be a story in their where “Logan is the last living man on the planet after a worldwide virus and a nuclear winter.”

I haven’t seen you comment on any of these stories or reference them. So since you have briefly mentioned non-canon story lines like ‘Wolverine: The End’ and ‘Marville,’ I’m really anxious to hear your opinion on it. Perhaps you can review old requests based on the demand?

Let me address this issue first. To quote the back cover, ‘X-Men: Millennial Visions’ (2000) “…is a trip through the next evolutionary phase of the X-Men. Over 24 of today’s hottest artists give us a look at what they believe the future holds for the followers of Xavier’s dream.” A follow up issue was done in 2001 with Alex Ross contributing. So while intriguing, all of these version of the X-Men were limited to a single pinup and a one-page pitch.

As for answering questions on a weekly basis, I would love to do that, but frankly I am short on time as it is since updating the chronology is really my top priority. Plus I am woefully behind on questions sent to me over the past two years!

That said, I will attempt to catch up on old questions over the next few months and once I am caught up, I will start fielding a fresh batch. Cool?

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16 years ago

Thank you DiG! I don’t know what I would do without your site. All the latest Wolverine information, I get from Typing Monkeys. Without your posts and updates I would be terribly lost and confused as to what’s good and what’s garbage. I really appreciate what you built here and as a fellow Admin I understand how difficult it is to balance real life and passion. It’s really nice to come here and discuss Wolverine’s past with you. This site gives me something else to think about, when I’m feeling depressed or stressed out. I can’t wait to see your… Read more »

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