Wolverine Files Update XXII

005: Sabretooth and Silver Fox (v. 3.00) of the ‘Wolverine Files’ chronology is now live, and completely updated, rewritten and transitioned into blog format.

I know, I know. Try not to faint.

So the first six chapters of the ‘Wolverine Files’ chronology are now completely updated and transitioned with quite a few more still to go.

000: True Origins
001: Wild Child
002: The Origin
003: Young Logan
004: The Amazing Skunk-Bear
005: Sabretooth and Silver Fox

So give them a run-through and let me know what you think!


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12 years ago

I have always loved your chronology. I think it absolutely wonderful.

12 years ago

Nice work Dig. It was nice to see a little more information on “The Amazing Skunk Bear.” I always thought it would be nice to see what Logan did after Rose died in his arms. At least I have a bit more of a visual image to work with. :)

Keep up the good work.

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