Review: Wolverine: Origins #26

Wolverine: Origins #26 coverWolverine: Origins #26
“Son of X”
Writer: Daniel Way
Artist: Stephen Segovia


After such a strong issue last month, it kills me to see ‘Wolverine: Origins’ slip back to its old ways.

Logan is again shown at his absolute moral worst, descending this time to legitimate war criminal status.

If I didn’t like the character so much, I would drop this series.

By any standard, Logan should be brought up on crimes against humanity and executed.

Wolverine is no longer a failed samurai. He is no longer a man who kills. He is a mass murderer.

Is there no one at Marvel who will stand up and say enough is enough?

From Marvel (preview): “The origin of Daken, the son of Wolverine! Decades ago, during his time in Jasmine Falls, Wolverine fathered a child…a child whom he thought died with its mother. But Wolverine was mistaken—the child grew into a man. And that man just may be the deadliest being on the face of the Earth. How did that happen? Find out here!” On sale June 25, 2008.

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15 years ago

I totally agree. I haven’t read the series since #10. I can’t stand Dillon’s art and Way has done nothing but tarnish Wolverine’s legacy, when his job was to enhance it. It’s a shame, real shame!

15 years ago

Remember Cyber’s role in all of this… to push the men under his command beyond their moral and emotional limitations. He creates cold-blooded murderers.

15 years ago

Ok I read the issue finally. I am happy to see that it’s finally drawn by a new artist. The old artist was horrible and it was very difficult to get into the series. I’m interested to see what happens with Romulus and which direction the story might go in. There is still plenty of room left for some interesting plot twists. Once the story finishes I plan on buying all of the trade paper backs, and reading the story in one sitting. I think this kind of comic works better as a trade paper back, and not a 20… Read more »

15 years ago

Itsu became pregnant during Logan’s 4th year at Bando’s, and Daken was born in 1946, so Logan went to Jasmine Falls around 1941?
When exactly did he find the time to “mellow out”? As that was supposedly the entire reason for seeking out Bando in the first place.

Was there someplace he didn’t go, or something he didn’t do during the ’40’s?

15 years ago

you guys do realize that this was all in his past and he feels like crap for doing it but he couldnt control it and what he is doing is getting back at the people for doing this to him

15 years ago

Right… but I think we established Logan as a cold-blooded murder, traitor and pawn early on in the Wolverine: Origins series.

This issue unveils indisputable war crimes. The wanton execution of Japanese-American women and children from the Tule Lake War relocations center, and experimentation and torture of Japanese-Americans from those camps.

And because Logan was a willing participant, I find it hard to like him as a character. My point is that enough is enough. And for me, a life-long Wolverine fan, this issue crosses the line in the most horrendous way.

15 years ago

I would like to add that the story of Daken is the perfect copy of Origins, James pops for the first time and kills his father, in Daken’s case it’s his (surrogate) mother, and after that Logan’s mother’s commits suicide with the SAME weapon (come on!!) that Daken’s (surrogate) father. How original of you, Daniel Way… As for Dillion, I just found it SO RIDUCULOUS that Daken was born the haircut he has now, and apparently his hair grows only in the center of his head. And finally, I don’t want to insult anybody but what is Wolverine doing working… Read more »

15 years ago

Well, we are told he didn’t have any control, but to be honest, I’m not quite sure I know how that works exactly. At some point, ordering the deaths of innocent women and children rises to the level of war crimes regardless of how you slice it.

My problem is that this is all overkill and absolutely unnecessary. It further tarnishes a “hero” who can no longer claim to be a failed samurai. He is more like a mass murderer looking for redemption, a slightly less compelling storyline.

15 years ago

/comes back to cry and fume a little more, then settles down to re-read Vol. 2 for comfort’s sake/

15 years ago

/begin rant/ I was completely disgusted by this issue, and have determined that I am going to completely ignore what happened in it, from beginning to end. I’m through with Origins. Unless I find a good review here (miracle of miracles) of a future issue, I’m done. This was the last straw. The way Wolvie was painted here was in a way that makes him the worst of all villains. Worse than Magneto by far, worse than even Weapon X. By this scale, he deserves death and a whole lot more. Nothing excuses this. Nothing. I just barely re-read the… Read more »

15 years ago

Well maybe they will give more reasons for it in future issues. Maybe Romulus and Cyber did this to him.

It’s called Origins because this is where Wolverine came from. He was originally a Killer and a bad guy. He didn’t become a good guy until after he joined Alpha Flight and the X-Men.

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