Review: Ultimate X-Men #95

Ultimate X-Men #95 coverUltimate X-Men #95
‘Absolute Power, Part 2’
Writer: Aron E. Coleite
Penciler: Mark Brooks; Inker: Jaime Mendoza
Artist (opening/closing): Brandon Peterson

I’m still having a little trouble with the outrage exhibited in this issue (and last issue) over the Banshee drug. I know it’s supposed to be a cross between steroids and heroin, but it just doesn’t work for me on an emotional level.

To be honest, the indignation feels a little force-fed. Perhaps if this had been building over the past year, it would flow more naturally. And if the continued use of the Banshee drug genuinely creates rage issues, then why haven’t we witnessed that effect with Colossus earlier in the series?

All in all, not a bad issue. But I’m just not buying the indignation. Especially Wolverine’s rant in the middle of the issue.

From Marvel (preview): “HEROES writer Aron Eli Coleite continues his run – and introduces a team of X-Men like you’ve never seen before! Who are Ultimate Alpha Flight? What do they want with Northstar? What is Colossus willing to do to get him back? And just wait until you see that last-page shocker!” On sale June 18, 2008.

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