Review: New Avengers #41

New Avengers #41 coverNew Avengers #41
Writer: Brian Bendis
Artist: Billy Tan

The confrontation in the Savage Land inches forward and Wolverine’s only contribution (and the Skrull one at that) is to slowly climb up the side of the Tyrannosaurus Rex with his claws.

And in the all-too-frequent flashbacks that Bendis has employed to prove how meticulously planned Secret Invasion has been, we learn that the Skrull invasion dates all the way back to the very beginning of ‘New Avengers’ (complete with another Wolverine cameo).

Wow, that Brian Bendis sure is a clever guy.

While we’re on the topic, I should mention that Wolverine does NOT appear in ‘Secret Invasion’ #3, another letdown in this thoroughly disappointing Marvel event.

From Marvel (preview): “The Avengers are trapped in the Savage Land, battling friend and foe. And Spider-Man heads to the one person in the entire place he knows he can trust: Ka-Zar!! But is it really him? This important chapter rewinds the events of the very first New Avengers story and shows how it connects to the Invasion.” On sale May 29, 2008.

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15 years ago

I might end up canceling my subscription to New Avengers. The only reason I picked up the title was because of Logan. I could care less about the Skrulls and their agenda.

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