Review: X-Force #4

X-Force #4 coverX-Force (Vol. 2) #4
‘Angels & Demons, Part 4’
Writer: Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle
Artist: Clayton Clay

In my excitement over Wolverine finally leading a black ops team, I failed to notice that this series is primarily about X-23.

Not a surprise since Yost and Kyle created the Wolverine clone.

Perhaps that is why I have been so disappointed by it. I expected a series about Wolverine leading a cunning team of professionals. Not a series about an emotionally-stunted killing machine coming to grips with the world around her.

So if you’ve enjoyed the run so far, this issue does not disappoint.

But if like me, you are waiting for Wolverine to take over the series, keep waiting. It’s more of the same.

From Marvel (preview): “The Purifiers have gathered the most deadly pieces of the X-Men’s past— but their plans are far from over…While Bastion continues to shape the future, Mathew Risman sets in motion an attack that will forever change two of our heroes. If the team can’t stop them from achieving their ultimate goal, mutantkind has little hope of survival.” On sale May 29, 2008.

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12 years ago

X23 does get a lot of star light. But at least it has Logan keeping her in line. I do wish their was more “Team Leader Logan” in it though. Lets hope for the best in future issues. (The first issue opened up with a nice Wolverine intro) ^_^

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