Review: Wolverine #65

Wolverine #65 coverWolverine #65
‘Get Mystique! Conclusion’
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Ron Garney

I was genuinely looking forward to this issue.

Unfortunately, it is quite a disappointing finale to a promising start by Jason Aaron.

Once again, we are presented with Logan at his moral worst. How refreshing it would be to see Logan’s early life presented is such a way where he is neither an utter dirtbag nor a weak-kneed coward.

And the abject rejection on so many levels of ‘Wolverine Dies’ (the previous ‘Wolverine’ story) is truly shocking and appalling. I know I’ve gone off on this rant before, but this issue completely and utterly rejects its premise on every level.

That said, it’s a helluva a fight between Wolverine and Mystique even if the final two pages are a bit of a letdown.

From Marvel (preview): “‘Get Mystique’ comes to its bloody conclusion in the deserts of Iraq. The quest for Mystique is over, and now the no-holds-barred face-off between her and Logan begins. Only one will walk away, but both will pay a price.” On sale May 14, 2008.


I didn’t see Logan at his worst here. As I recall, Logan betrayed Mystique because he sensed being played by her, and at the end, he explained to her that he is not like her.


Well, his wanton betrayal for a few bucks does result in the death of four people, so I wouldn’t view him at his moral best (I had the 30 pieces of silver analogy running through my head when I read it the first time). And to me, his comments to Mystique about her lying are self-justification and ring a little hollow.

A simpler solution (and to me a more honorable one) would have been to simply walk away.

Logan is a soldier for the X-Men. In these issues I believe Logan was portrayed accurately , and I applaud the writers of the story arc. Logan just wasn’t doing this to kill Mystique for personal reasons. He was hired by his leader Cyclops to avenge his team. I think this is a honor for Wolverine, because he seeks redemption by helping famous heros like Captain America and Professor X. No matter what he does , he will never be done seeking redemption , because he has done a lot of awful things in his early days. Not everything he… Read more »


I have to say I agree with those who don’t see Logan at his worst in this issue. Alright his actions cost 4 people thier lives, but they were dead already if Mystique hadn’t payed the cops.
Overall I think Logan’s attutide is sensible, and pretty much the only thing he could do under the circumstances.
Time and time again he’s proved he and Mystique have nothing in common.