Review: Marvel Comics Presents #8

Marvel Comics Presents #8 coverMarvel Comics Presents #8
“The Rabbit Hunt”
Writer: Andy Schmidt
Artist: Marco Turini

This eight-page Cyclops & Wolverine tale features a somewhat forgettable story and extraordinarily uneven art.

Marco Turini’s rendering of Wolverine wearing cowboy hat looks more like comic relief from an old Western than a menacing superhero.

Flip through the story at your local comic book store if you must, but this is for completists only. And I, unfortunately, am a completist.

From Marvel (preview): “Aaron Stack has been drinking again…drinking to keep the ghosts of his past at bay. It wouldn’t be a problem if he was just a man—but he’s MACHINE MAN, and his past has a way of coming alive! Join 24/7 creator Ivan Brandon and Pride of Baghdad artist Niko Henrichon for the debut of an all-new 5-part Machine Man tale! Plus: CYCLOPS & WOLVERINE go hunting, WEAPON OMEGA battles U.S. Agent, and VANGUARD reveals the truth about the murder of John Doe.” On sale April 30, 2008.

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