Review: Avengers/Invaders Sketchbook

Avengers/Invaders Sketchbook coverAvengers/Invaders Sketchbook
Sketch Materials: Alex Ross
Penciled Pages: Steve Sadowski

This free preview of the ‘Avengers/Invaders’ mini-series is full of stunning pencil sketches by Alex Ross and equally impressive penciled pages by Steve Sadowski. And the finished covers by Alex Ross (four are reproduced inside) promise to be as awe-inspiring as always.

If you can still find a copy, it’s definitely worth it for the sketches (Wolverine is featured once inside and on both the front ant back covers).

From Marvel: “Alex Ross makes his jaw dropping return to Marvel in May’s Avengers/Invaders #1, but this is your chance to get a first look at his designs and the interior artwork of Steve Sadowski! With special commentary from Ross, Sadowski and co-writer Jim Krueger, now’s your chance to get a sneak peek into one of 2008’s most anticipated new series.” Free in stores on April 23, 2008.

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