Review: New Avengers #39

New Avengers #39 coverNew Avengers #39
Writer: Brian Bendis
Artist: David Mack

‘New Avengers’ finally shifts to the Secret Invasion storyline full-time, or as I like to think of it, Infinity War 2008.


Go back and flip through ‘The Infinity War’ from 1992 and you will find the doppelgangers and ensuing paranoia feel eerily like Secret Invasion.

That said, Wolverine does figure heavily in this issue and engages in some fairly humorous bits.

But Bendis still fails to deliver how Wolverine or anyone else could have genuinely suspected a global conspiracy when every other Skrull impersonation over the years wasn’t. And for a secret invasion, is it really necessary to attempt a body swap in full view of the world in downtown Manhattan? Shouldn’t you pick somewhere a tad more private?

An inauspicious start to another over-marketed and bloated crossover.

From Marvel (preview): “The Secret Invasion is here! Have the Skrulls infiltrated the Avengers? Is Maya Lopez the only one with proof? Will she live to tell the tale? All this and a major Avengers hook up!” On sale Mar 26, 2008.

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16 years ago

I guess they drop the canon story line from a long time ago, in order to draw in some new fans with a old concept. Super heroes don’t age after all , and ten years from now , they will forget about Civil War , Cap’s death and House of M. Then we will all be old bitter men , who are pissed that no one remembers these comic book events. XD

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