Review: Ultimate X-Men #91

Ultimate X-Men #91 coverUltimate X-Men #91
‘Apocalypse, Part 2’
Writer: Robert Kirkman
Artist: Salvador Larroca

One of the better issues of ‘Ultimate X-Men’ in a while.

Wolverine shines in a leadership role (finally!) as Apocalypse takes center stage.

But, once again, the action gets a little rushed giving the feel that a seven-part story is being condensed into four issues.

From Marvel (Preview): “All hail Apocalypse! Last issue saw Sinister squirm from the grave—and now the evolutionary emperor known as Apocalypse has arrived! Superstar artist Salvador Larroca continues his run here – as the threat to the X-Men kicks into overdrive!” On sale February 19, 2008.


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