Review: Wolverine: Origins #22

Wolverine: Origins #22 coverWolverine: Origins #22
“The Deep End, Part Two”
Writer: Daniel Way
Artist: Steve Dillon

Last issue was great. This issue is more of the same.

Unfortunately, a Preacher-esque lesbian scene (that got your attention, didn’t it!) in the middle upsets the rhythm just enough to derail the issue as a whole.

But on the bright side, the final page sets up what should be an interesting next issue.

From Marvel (Preview): “Deadpool has something to prove—and if he can take down Wolverine, he’ll do just that. Easier said than done, though, bub. Also, is it possible that there’s something in Deadpool’s past—something pertaining to Weapon X—that Wolverine was never meant to know? All we can say is, with the Merc With a Mouth on the case, nothing is what it seems!” On sale Feb 20, 2008.

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16 years ago

Aw man. I really want this.

I love Dead pool

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