Review: New Avengers #38

New Avengers #38 coverNew Avengers #38
“The Breakup”
Writer: Brian Bendis
Artist: Michael Gaydos

Perhaps this story hit a little too close to home for me…

…which perhaps makes this a really good issue.

Wolverine appears (barely), but the breakup of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage takes center stage. And an emotional argument is the centerpiece. An argument that anyone who has been in a serious relationship can relate to.

And for the record, I agree with Luke Cage on this one, “I didn’t create this situation… This is too big not to have talked it over first.”

I expect many will take Jessica Jones’ side. Which is why this really is a terrific issue. One that shows why Bendis is one the best writers around when he wants to be.

From Marvel (preview): “The break up! Conspiracy, paranoia, betrayal may have taken their toll on the Avengers newlyweds Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. After the shocking turn of events at the end of last month’s ‘New Avengers’ Annual, has Jessica Jones turned her back on the Avengers?” On sale Feb 13, 2008.

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16 years ago

I Really liked this issue a lot. (For Me) The New Avengers represents hero’s who suffer from the same real world problems that you and I do. I like how Spider man and Luke Cage have to worry about divorce and financial matters , it makes me feel like they are the heros who live closer to home. I think this is the writers intention. To strip them of everything they use to have , so we can see that deep down they are still human beings, suffering real world problems.

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