Review: Ultimate X-Men #90

Ultimate X-Men #90 coverUltimate X-Men #90
‘Apocalypse, Part 1’
Writer: Robert Kirkman
Artist: Salvador Larroca

This issue felt a little rushed as Kirkman kicks off his final arc before Jeph Loeb realigns the entirety of the Ultimate universe.

And while Ultimate Wolverine does get to be in the spotlight briefly, the result of the sprinting through storylines the past few issues is another lackluster read. With all the fireworks in the main X-Men universe, I wonder whether ‘Ultimate X-Men’ is even necessary anymore. I find the only thing I really care about is discovering what the big plans Loeb has in store for the Ultimate universe as a whole.

From Marvel (Preview): “New series artist Salvador Larroca arrives—as Apocalypse begins! Sinister has been resurrected, the pieces are moving into place, and everything is starting to come together. Can the X-Men prevent the coming of Apocalypse? The story arc that’s been building for a year kicks off here!” On sale January 30, 2008.

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16 years ago

I enjoyed this. *For what it’s worth.* I agree that I wouldn’t lose any sleep if Ultimate X-men was discontinued. I do feel it has had a nice run so far and I’m interested in that big event coming up. But either way I don’t care if this comic continues or not. XD

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