Review: Marvel Adventures the Avengers #20

Marvel Adventures the Avengers #20 coverMarvel Adventures the Avengers #20
“A Mountain from an Anthill”
Writer: Marc Sumerak
Penciler: Ig Guara; Inker: Norman Lee

22 pages and all Wolverine gets to say is, “Now that’s what I call pest control.” Then, “Ow.” And finally, “Aw. How precious.”

I mean, what’s the point?

Please, please remove Wolverine from this title.

Really. It’s embarrassing.

From Marvel (Preview): The arrival of ANT-MAN! Hank Pym has gone missing from his lab at Van Dyne Industries, and it’s up to his most famous experiment—the gorgeous Giant-Girl—to track him down. But when Giant-Girl finds herself stuck in the middle of a very bizarre love triangle, it’s time for the world’s tiniest super hero to make his diminutive debut! Will he be able to prove that size doesn’t really matter? On sale Jan 16, 2008.

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16 years ago

DiG, I have to agree with you on this series. It’s such a waste, just like having Wolvie on the New Avengers roster!
Anyway you could get your cover images to show up completely? For some reason it cuts them off and I can only see the top 10%.



16 years ago

Thanks for the heads up on the image problem. It turns out that their is a bug specific to Internet Explorer that causes images to not fully render if text in italics is adjacent to the image. Since I use Firefox, I was unaware of these issues.

I have removed the italicized text (story name, creators credits) so hopefully everything should be working now. Thanks again for the heads up!

16 years ago

DiG I want to thank you for having the best Wolverine site on the internet. I learned so much of Wolverine’s back story on your site. I was actually was losing interest in Logan , before I read some of your articles. Do you plan on doing a Q & A for yourself somewhere on your site ? It would be interesting if you went and told us about your favorite Wolverine issues and moments.

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