Review: Exiles: Days of Then and Now

Exiles: Days of Then and NowExiles: Days of Then and Now
Writer: Mike Raicht
Penciler: Carlos Ferreira among many others
Inker: Terry Pallot among many others

Here is another series that I thoroughly enjoyed. Note my use of past tense.

But when Chris Claremont took over the series, he took all the fun out of it. Instead of the wild and crazy escapades across a multitude of “What If” universes (and more recently a world tour across memorable alternate universes), we have more mutant angst.

Like we don’t have enough of that in Marvel Comics.

So this odd little one-shot written by Mike Raicht apparently sets the stage for the ‘New Exiles’ debuting later in January.

Why mention all that here? Wolverine cameos in the first two pages.


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