Review: Ultimate Power #9

Ultimate Power #9 coverUltimate Power #9
Writers: Brian Bendis; Michael Straczynski; Jeph Loeb
Pencils: Greg Land; Inks: Jay Leisten

After 9 issues and 15 months, the ‘Ultimate Power’ miniseries comes to a merciful end.

Let me start with the art.

Greg Land’s photo-realistic artwork style of impeccable makeup and brighteningly white teeth, not to mention the cheesecake poses and skimpy outfits give the feel of a Lingerie Bowl or Victoria’s Secret catalog and not the world of ‘Ultimate’ superheroes. Land’s art, while so refreshing when it first came out, feels shockingly out of place here.

And the story.

Nearly a year and a half ago, this story by Bendis, Straczynski and Loeb began with such promise before being ineptly and jarringly handed off from writer to writer to writer. Peel away the artwork and the countless publishing delays, and one finds a ridiculous plot where whole teams of superheroes disappear for issues at a time with no explanation. And the improbable resolution after such a long wait makes one hope that the promised destruction of the Ultimate Universe is not just another marketing ploy.

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16 years ago

LOL. It seems very confusing. I’ll most likely stay away from this title , even though I like the Ultimate Universe. XD

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