Wolverine Files Update XX: The Blog Launches!

Welcome to the beta launch of the Wolverine Files blog!

Take a look around and let me know what you think.

I know a few things aren’t working quite right (like the periodic appearance of the German language while adding comments) but I hope to get everything sorted out soon.

My next step will be to start transitioning each chapter of the Wolverine Files chronology into blog pages so readers can leave comments directly on the page.

So don’t be shy, leave a comment and introduce yourself to the Wolverine Files audience.

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16 years ago

I just wanted to say thanks to DiG. I appreciate your hard work, bub.
Long time viewer of Wolverine Files!

Scott Paparella
aka – EmperorVamp

16 years ago

thanks for all the information on this site. The blog looks good so far. Keep it up!

16 years ago

Woot. I can leave comments now ! Expect me to return here a lot , especially for my daily Wolverine Fix ! Keep up the awesome updates and news !! <3

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