Reviews: New Wolverine Comics (12/05/07)

Mini-reviews of new Wolverine appearances in comic stores on 12/05/07:

-Uncanny X-Men #493 (Preview): After a surprisingly strong Chapter 5, ‘Messiah Complex’ Chapter 6 stars Wolverine in what feels like a second-rate set up for a new X-Men series. Which is exactly what it is.
-Ultimate X-Men #88 (Preview): ‘Sentinels Epilogue’ by Kirkman and Paquette feels more and more like a bad soap opera. Present day Wolverine utters three sentences in the entire issue. And they’re not long ones. Future Wolverine gets significantly more face time and set up the next major story arc.
-Ultimates 3 #1 (Preview): Doesn’t really feel very ‘Ultimate’ to me and Wolverine graces only the cover (the inside third of the ‘Heroes’ cover) and not the issue itself.

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