Review (and Rant): Wolverine ‘Evolution’

Wolverine ‘Evolution’ Review/Rant from Wolverine #50-55…

Comic book writers tend to warn us that we are not allowed to be critical of their stories until the entire run has been completed. Well, the “Evolution” storyline is now finished. And while Jeph Loeb has shined on Fallen Son, he has been simply dreadful here, in stark contrast to the beautiful art rendered by Simone Bianchi. From the ridiculous evolutionary theories that would put any scientist to shame to the overly dramatic representation of new uber-villain Romulus, Loeb has sleepwalked his way to sloppy and cliche-filled writing. Most galling is his apparent disregard for the characters. He seems to relish polluting the Wolverine mythos, winking at us the whole time. I know this is a fictional fantasy world. But for many long-time readers, we would appreciate being treated with a little more respect.

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