Reviews: New Wolverine Comics (03/28/07)

Mini-reviews of new Wolverine appearances in comic stores on 03/28/07:

-Wolverine #52 (Preview): My apologies in advance, but this issue genuinely deserves an extended rant. So if you haven’t read this issue yet, major spoiler alert. Aside from this bizarre series of dreams we’ve been forced to endure, Jeph Loeb (a terrific writer by all accounts) finally reveals Logan and Sabretooth’s very first meeting. A very first meeting at odds with all previous continuity. Logan claims to have met Sabretooth in Japan at the behest of the Hand. Logan speaks fluent Japanese and is adept at using a samurai sword. The only problem is that Chris Claremont has shown the first battle between Logan and Sabretooth to have taken place on the frontiers of Canada before World War I when Logan had no real fighting style. Further, it has been shown demonstrably that Logan did not learn how to wield a samurai sword until the late 1930s. Between Wolverine: Origins and this story, I fear I will be forced to move around several events from Wolverine’s past. So until this storyline wraps up, I will hold off rewriting the entire chronology just to fit this flashback in.
-Ultimate X-Men #80 (Preview): Wolverine leaves the X-Men.

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