Reviews: New Wolverine Comics (12/28/06)

Talk about a lot of Wolverine appearances. This week featured nine new comics with Wolverine. Whew!

Astonishing X-Men #19 (Mini-Preview): This is what Uncanny X-Men used to be like. Whedon and Cassaday rock.
Wolverine: Origins #9 (Preview): Crap. Crap. Crap. I may need a major rewrite to make this story fit now.
Cyberforce/X-Men #1 (Preview): Fun crossover… probably takes place in the 1990s.
Nextwave: Agents of Hate #11 (Cover): Monkey Wolverines with banana bombs. I kid you not.
Ultimate Power #3 (Cover): I think Wolverine’s claws appear briefly in one panel.
Avengers Next #4 (Cover): Classic non-appearance appearance. I hate non-appearance appearances.
What If? Age of Apocalypse (Preview): Interesting story with some cool Wolverine moments.
What If? X-Men: Deadly Genesis (Preview): Wolverine makes an alternate universe cameo.
All-New Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe A to Z #12 (Cover): Includes the X-Babies and Wild Thing.
Wolverine Poster Book: I missed this when it came out. Some terrific posters in the collection.

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