Classic Wolverine Covers: Uncanny X-Men #213

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Uncanny X-Men #213.

Wolverine vs. Sabretooth.

It doesn’t get much better than this.

Alan Davis and Paul Neary kicked 1987 off in stunning fashion with this wonderful study in savagery…

Wolverine Covers: Uncanny X-Men #213

After the jump is some of the tremendous interior art by the same duo…

Alan Davis filled in as guest artist with inker Paul Neary and provided a truly primal sequence when Chris Claremont was not quite as loquacious as he is now…

Wolverine Covers: Uncanny X-Men #213 panel sequence


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I remember reading this bad boy in my dad’s smoking chair in the basement of my home, completely enthralled. Alan Davis remains my all-time favorite Wolverine artist!


Aw, wow, indeed! Great art and to-the-bone captions!