Wolverine News & Previews: Jason Aaron Talks Wolverine & Deathloks

[DiG here. Still running behind schedule, so this covers Wolverine News & Previews from last week…]

From ComicBookResources, Jason Aaron talks about his current run on ‘Wolverine Weapon X’ (details)…

As for probable/possible Wolverine appearances this week (4/14/10), we have previews of…

Black Widow #1 (preview): Wolverine graces the cover at the very least…
New Mutants #12 (preview): Second Coming, Part 3…
Hulked Out Heroes #1 (preview): Another cover appearance at the very least…
Super Hero Squad #4 (preview): Kiddie Wolverine strikes again…

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Don’t forget Doomwar #3

I’m still playing catch up, so this is news from last week. Doomwar comes out this upcoming week, and I will include in Monday’s news report.

Sorry for the confusion.