Wolverine Weapon X #12 Open Thread

Wolverine Weapon X #12 (preview)
Writer: Jason Aaron
Penciler: Ron Garney

From Marvel: “The time-twisting saga of the all-new Deathlok continues as Wolverine battles an army of cyborg assassins on two fronts: in the present, Logan must keep Captain America from becoming the latest casualty on the Deathlok hit list, while in the future an aging, battle-ravaged Logan leads a last-ditch effort to shut down the Deathloks once and for all.”

On sale April 7, 2010.

Share your thoughts on this time-traveling core Wolverine title in the comments below.

And if you haven’t picked up the issue, make sure to read the preview, linked next the series title above.

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Another solid outing from Jason Aaron and Ron Garney, though I am a little tired of Roxxon being painted as a villain once again — perhaps because I got enough of evil corporations in the 1980s when Roxxon was heavily featured in Marvel continuity.

So what do people think of future Wolverine? I personally would have preferred a shorter beard and one more functioning appendage.


I’m reminded of Wolverine from Age of the Apocalypse, but now he’s got two metal-encased stumps instead of one. It just looks gruesome without making a lot of sense. Don’t really care for the flowing beard, either. Gee, am I negative enough?


Even though it was on my pull list, my CBS didn’t have enough…I got my call that I’m good for tomorrow, but based on the previews, its a different take, I’ll take it for what its worth