Wolverine News & Previews (02/03): Wolverine and Sunspot

Marvel Digital Comics has released a new Wolverine comic, ‘Wolverine and Sunspot – Carni-Brawl’ #1 (details)…

As for probable/possible Wolverine appearances this week (2/03/09), we have previews of…

Siege #2 (preview): The Marvel event continues with Dark Wolverine…
Ultimate Comics X #1 (preview): Wolverine’s claws?…
Wolverine: Savage #1 (preview): Wolverine makes sushi. Really…
Wolverine Weapon X #10 (preview): Wolverine’s women troubles, Jason Aaron style…
X-Men Noir: Mark of Cain #3 (preview): More drunken Wolverine noir…

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Ultimate comics . . . . Another new character with Wolverine’s powers? Why not just bring Ultimate X-23, or even Daken?

Make sure to read the preview… one of the characters was a definite surprise.


Who is Tammy? Red hair, green eyes….


Ultimate X #1 was a great issue.

I like Jimmy a hell of a lot better then Daken. =)