Wolverine News & Previews: ‘Wolverine and the X-Men’ Returns

‘Wolverine and the X-Men’ has returned with new episodes, airing episode 22, “Shades of Grey”, this past Friday. The three-part season finale. “Foresight”, airs Sunday night on Nicktoons and introduces the Hellfire Club…

As for probable (and possible) Wolverine appearances this week (11/25/09), we have previews of…

Dark Wolverine #80 (preview): Daken screws up live on television…
Hulk #17 (preview): Wolverine vs. Red Hulk finally concludes…
Incredible Hercules #138 (preview): Wolverine does cameo…
Uncanny X-Men #517 (preview): Nation X continues…
Wolverine: First Class #21 (preview): Wolverine vs. Kitty Pryde?

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I’m too lazy to go back and look if you mentioned this previously.

But Wolverine did appear in the first issue of the Psylocke mini series by Christopher Yost.


Yup. And we can confirm he will appear in Psylocke #4. Not sure about #2 or #3.