Classic Wolverine Cover: Incredible Hulk #340

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Incredible Hulk #340 by Todd McFarlane and Bob Wiacek.

It’s about as perfect a cover as it gets.

Frankly, words don’t do it justice, so I’m going to shut up and let you enjoy their work…

Wolverine Covers: Incredible Hulk #340

After the jump is the original pencil and inks, several homage covers and some equally stellar pages from within the issue itself…

First up is the original black and white artwork for the cover…

Wolverine Covers: Incredible Hulk #340 original artwork /

Then we have two terrific homage covers.

On the left, Powerless #5 from 2004 by Greg Land, and on the right, Marvel Zombies #3 from 2006 by Arthur Suydam

Wolverine Covers: Powerless #5 Wolverine Covers: Marvel Zombies #3

Not to be outdone, the epic ‘Hulk vs. Wolverine’ animated short features a brief, but wonderful tip of the hat to the Incredible Hulk cover…

Wolverine Covers: Hulk vs. Wolverine DVD /

And finally, from within Incredible Hulk #340 itself, Todd McFarlane really struts his stuff…

Wolverine Covers: Daredevil #249 panel


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This is considered one of the best Wolverine stories, ever. The cover’s great and the battle even better.

Yep. This is definitely one of the best if not the best Wolverine vs Hulk story ever. The mediocre Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk can’t even compare.