Wolverine News: ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Extended Trailers…

Sorry for the delay on the news this week, but I finally decided it’s high time that I pull out my Wolverine script and run it through the rewrite machine. The good news is that the script for the first issue of my proposed Wolverine miniseries is looking pretty good. The bad news is that no one at Marvel is even aware I exist and said rewrite is eating up all the free time I usually put into this site. So bear with me for the next few weeks as I bang away on the script on the oft chance that someone at Marvel ever wants to take a look at it…

FOX is airing three clips from ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ over three nights to create an extended super clip. Above is the first clip, below is the second, and third airs tonight. JoeBlo has more details

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the revolutionairy war type scenes in the trailer confuse me. They had better be false memories/ memory implants, because I am reluctant to believe that Logan is a couple of hundred years old. Hollywood people should not be allowed to make movies if they are not going to pay strict attention to the source material. Otherwise the trailer looks cool.


Totally agree, though I think they are referencing the Civil War and the whole brother vs. brother motif…


What do you mean you’re reluctant to believe Logan is a couple hundred years old? If you think that’s too young, realize that the Origin miniseries had him be born in the 1890s, so comic-verse he’s technically even younger than that. If you think that’s too old . . . well, I guess that’s a matter of opinion. I always thought him older than younger, anyway.

It’ll be interesting to see how they tie this mess together.

Don’t know how I feel about the whole “Jimmy” thing, though.


Oh, and good luck with your writing! If you need us to bombard Marvel with emails (if it’d do any good) just ask!



Dew, I do believe that Logan is over a hundred years old. I was just saying that pushing his birthdate back to a date that is before what has been established in Wolverine: Origin seems wrong to me. To make Logan any older you might as well say he is a highlander immortal and be done with it, and that would be horrible in my opinion.

I am not sure that I like the Jimmy references either. It looks like in the movie they are making Dog and Creed one in the same.


I didn’t want to comment first because I was angry after watching the second movie preview, but I think that in the movie they will make Logan an american. I did some research about the US civil war and it was in 1865, probably the Logan of the movie will be born in about 1840…


And I think the flashbacks of Origin in the movie, will be in some place in the US instead of Alberta, Canada.


Not good. Wolverine is Canadain!!!
Can’t wait for this either way.
And good luck with the script,

Gabriel Zero

I’m pretty sure that he is going to stay Canadain. I remember reading that in the interviews.


Not good. Wolverine is Canadain!!!
Can’t wait for this either way.
And good luck with the script,

I totally agree with you. That’s one of reasons that I’m a fan, but if he stays canadian, better be a canadian in the canadian army.


So, does this mean they’re dropping the name “Logan” altogether? I’m not crazy about this “Jimmy” thing, either, and it should be clear he’s Canadian. Age issues and source incongruity aside, why would a guy born in the Canadian frontier be in a yankee uniform on a Civil War battlefield anyway?


Question: Why would a guy born in the Canadian frontier be in a yankee uniform on a Civil War battlefield anyway?

Possible answer: Because the Hollywood people making the movie are complete morons.

Gabriel Zero

Isn’t “Jimmy” short for James? He was called “Lucky Jim” all the time in the Ultimate Universe. I think people are overreacting with the “Jim” thing.


Isn’t overreacting what being a fan is all about?

I am concerned over lots of what they have hinted at in the trailers, but I will see it opening day and pass judgment at that point. And if it breaks with the Wolverine of the comics (616), at least we still have the comics.

Who knows, maybe we can get Frank Tieri to replace Daniel Way on Wolverine: Origins! ;)


Amen to that, DiG :)

Gabriel Zero

I’m guessing I’m lacking that rage that you have DiG. I don’t see the point in judging something that hasn’t been released yet.


Uh… I didn’t think I was exhibiting any Wolverine-style rage or judging the movie before it came out.

But, to play devil’s advocate, I think I was within my rights to judge ‘Constantine’ when they cast Keanu Reeves.


There were some thirty tousand Canadian’s to fight in the U.S. Civil War on both sides. As for Logan being in the U.S. Army in WWII, in the comics he was with the 1st Special Services Unit (Devil’s Brigade) which was composed of both U.S. and Canadian soldiers. This unit was the forrunner of the Green Beret.

The Jimmy thing should not surprize anyone since they are using Orign as a template for the beginning of the movie.