Classic Wolverine Cover: Uncanny X-Men #172

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In 1982, we read the ‘Wolverine’ limited series.

By 1983, we endured THREE agonizing months without Wolverine to make sure the continuity fit just right within ‘Uncanny X-Men’.

And all summer long of that same year, we discussed the prospect of Wolverine actually getting married.

So when Uncanny X-Men #172 finally hit the stands (and remember we didn’t have advanced previews of the covers back then), every Wolverine fan gave a cheer…

Wolverine Covers: Uncanny X-Men #172

A truly mesmerizing cover by Paul Smith capturing the last panel of Wolverine (Limited Series) #4 and showing the wonderfully lined face of Logan…

After the jump is another terrific final panel and the little seen reprint cover from X-Men Classic

First up is a bit of an X-Men history lesson.

While Logan was in Japan as chronicled in his limited series, Ms. Marvel villain Rogue was accepted as a member of the X-Men. And remember, it was Rogue who was responsible for stealing away the memories from Carol Danvers, Logan’s close friend. So believe me when I say that the teaming up of Wolverine and Rogue in final panels of Uncanny X-Men #172 by Paul Smith and Bob Wiacek came as a bit of a shock…

Uncanny X-Men #172 final panels

And finally, the little known 1992 cover to X-Men Classic #76 by Adam Hughes, who may be best known, as Wikipedia puts it, for “his voluptuous, pinup-style female characters.” In fact, you can see his style sneaking through on Viper, upper right on the cover…

X-Men Classic #76

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The issues that came out around this time were some of my absolute favorite ever.

Thanks for bringing back the good times!


This is the first X-Men comic i ever owned. i read it repeatedly until it fell apart.