Classic Wolverine Cover: Uncanny X-Men #162

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In 1982, Chris Claremont embarked on a then unheard of year-long ‘Uncanny X-Men’ saga involving the insidious Brood, parasitic aliens that laid eggs inside of their hosts. Not surprisingly, Wolverine was infected and his mutant healing ability pushed to the limit in Uncanny X-Men #162, the midpoint of the saga.

The cover to that issue was by long-time X-Men artist Dave Cockrum (with inks by Bob Wiacek) near the end of his second legendary run (Paul Smith would pick up art duties in a few issues, wrapping up the Brood storyline)…

Wolverine Covers: Uncanny X-Men #162

After the jump are a host of Wolverine vs. the Brood reprint covers by Mike Mignola of Hellboy fame…

Mike Mignola supplied the covers for X-Men Classic and seemed to enjoy focusing on Wolverine more so than Dave Cockrum had on the original covers. First up are X-Men Classic #59 and #60

X-Men Classic #59 cover X-Men Classic #60 cover

Followed by X-Men Classic #66 and #67

X-Men Classic #66 cover X-Men Classic #67 cover

And finally, we have the original cover art to X-Men Classic #67 from the collection of Francesco Bazzana

X-Men Classic #67 original cover art

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