Classic Wolverine Covers: Classic X-Men #30

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Steve Lightle provided the cover art for Classic X-Men #30 from February 1989, his take on X-Men #124 chronicling the X-Men’s first battle with Arcade. I always loved the scene where Wolverine gets to cut loose against the robotic Hulk, so this cover came as a real treat for me…

Wolverine Covers: Classic X-Men #30

After the jump is my favorite panel from the issue itself, and a few other covers from the same era showing that Wolverine really was the low X-Man on the totem pole…

Inside X-Men #124John Byrne and Terry Austin masterfully depicted Wolverine planning his revenge on Arcade. Gotta love that grin!

Wolverine seeks revenge

Now as popular as Wolverine is today, it was quite the opposite back in the 1970s as evidenced by his lack of quality cover appearances. Take X-Men #123 from the first half of the Arcade storyline. It’s a terrific cover by Terry Austin (in fact, one of the few covers Terry Austin would ever pencil), but the only glimpse of Wolverine is from behind. X-Men Annual #3 by Frank Miller and Terry Austin also from 1979 does give Wolverine more prominence. Unfortunately it involves him being unconscious. All that’s missing is the drool coming out of his mouth…

X-Men #123 cover X-Men Annual #3 cover

And finally, we have the long-forgotten frontispiece from Classic X-Men #28 by Kieron Dwyer. Poor Wolvie!

Wolverine trying to fix hydraulic press

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