Classic Wolverine Covers: X-Men #115

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X-Men #115, November 1978. Welcome to the golden age of X-Men comics.

Wolverine squares off against his teammates in a stunning cover by John Byrne and Terry Austin at the absolute top of their games. I can still remember my excitement when I saw this cover for the first time at Fat Jack’s Comicrypt in Philadelphia.

Wolverine Covers: X-Men #115

And after the jump is the unforgettable two-page spread from the issue itself as well as a matching reprint cover complete with preliminary sketches…

The brilliant two-page spread from the issue itself (also by John Byrne and Terry Austin), with Wolverine cutting lose against Sauron…

Wolverine fights Sauron

While X-Men #115 was reprinted in Classic X-Men #21 (with Ka-Zar dominating the reprint cover), it was the cover to Classic X-Men #20 by Arthur Adams and Terry Austin that provides the better bonus feature for our purposes. And it is from the collection of George Kesidis that we get to see what Arthur Adams’ early preliminary sketch for this cover is like…

Wolverine fights Sauron Wolverine fights Sauron

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