Classic Wolverine Covers: Alpha Flight #17

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From December 1984 comes Alpha Flight #17 with a stunning cover by John Byrne, a retelling of the classic X-Men #109, chronicling Wolverine’s first encounter with Weapon Alpha, better known as Vindicator (or the controversial Major Maple Leaf)…

Wolverine Covers: Alpha Flight #17

After the jump are two other versions of the same cover as well as some stellar original artwork…

First up is the breathtaking original John Byrne artwork to Alpha Flight #17 from the collection of John Bamber. This is followed by the original X-Men #109 cover by Dave Cockrum from February 1978…

Alpha Flight #17 original coverX-Men #109 cover

Finally, we have the Arthur Adams cover to the Classic X-Men #16 reprint of X-Men #109 as well as the original artwork featuring the inimitable inking of Terry Austin from the collection of David Mandel

Classic X-Men #16 cover Classic X-Men #16 original cover

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I always loved those covers. Thanks for reminding me DiG.

I want to buy every comic with wolverine and alpha flight. Who knows them or where i can get them? Email me at