Wolverine TV: X-Men 02 – Night of the Sentinels, Part II

Wolverine Files features every Wolverine’s TV appearances in order, continuing with #4…

Night of the Sentinels, Part II, the second episode of the X-Men animated series, aired on November 7, 1992 and concluded the opening story.

This is a very strong episode dealing with honor, consequences and death. And a terrific argument between Wolverine and Cyclops is reminiscent of the old days of the new X-Men.

Best Wolverine line of the episode (among many), “Hey Tin Woodsman. I’m sending you back to Oz… in pieces.”

So enjoy the entire episode in three parts, courtesy of YouTube (though after recaps and opening credits, the new episode doesn’t really start until 2:48 mark)…

Part two…

Part three…

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Will you review the first episode of “Wolverine and The X-men” when it comes out? I heard some good things about it here: (LINK)

I’m glad a lot of people are loving it. Even the ones who don’t like Wolverine so much.