Review: Wolverine #65

Wolverine #65 coverWolverine #65
‘Get Mystique! Conclusion’
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Ron Garney

I was genuinely looking forward to this issue.

Unfortunately, it is quite a disappointing finale to a promising start by Jason Aaron.

Once again, we are presented with Logan at his moral worst. How refreshing it would be to see Logan’s early life presented is such a way where he is neither an utter dirtbag nor a weak-kneed coward.

And the abject rejection on so many levels of ‘Wolverine Dies’ (the previous ‘Wolverine’ story) is truly shocking and appalling. I know I’ve gone off on this rant before, but this issue completely and utterly rejects its premise on every level.

That said, it’s a helluva a fight between Wolverine and Mystique even if the final two pages are a bit of a letdown.

From Marvel (preview): “‘Get Mystique’ comes to its bloody conclusion in the deserts of Iraq. The quest for Mystique is over, and now the no-holds-barred face-off between her and Logan begins. Only one will walk away, but both will pay a price.” On sale May 14, 2008.

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  1. I didn’t see Logan at his worst here. As I recall, Logan betrayed Mystique because he sensed being played by her, and at the end, he explained to her that he is not like her.

  2. Well, his wanton betrayal for a few bucks does result in the death of four people, so I wouldn’t view him at his moral best (I had the 30 pieces of silver analogy running through my head when I read it the first time). And to me, his comments to Mystique about her lying are self-justification and ring a little hollow.

    A simpler solution (and to me a more honorable one) would have been to simply walk away.

  3. Logan is a soldier for the X-Men.

    In these issues I believe Logan was portrayed accurately , and I applaud the writers of the story arc. Logan just wasn’t doing this to kill Mystique for personal reasons. He was hired by his leader Cyclops to avenge his team. I think this is a honor for Wolverine, because he seeks redemption by helping famous heros like Captain America and Professor X. No matter what he does , he will never be done seeking redemption , because he has done a lot of awful things in his early days. Not everything he can blame on Weapon X , so I feel this makes Wolverine a more interesting character. Even back in the comics featured in the first volume of Essential X-Men , it is made clear Logan is capable of doing some horrible things.

    Logan shows remorse for his actions and tries to better himself by studying the way of the samurai. This is the true essence of Wolverine , someone who is always seeking to better himself. Regardless of what he has done in the past or how many times he has been brainwashed , Logan never stops trying to change himself. He knows he can’t change the past , He knows he is the perfect weapon for Hydra and Apocalypse, but he still tries to do good anyway. It doesn’t bother me that Logan has skeletons in his closet , I’m glad their are new ones we haven’t seen before. It shows that Logan has come a long way since he was born in the early 1900’s. For me this makes him more interesting. ^_^

    As for issues 57-61 , maybe those events haven’t happened yet. I mean how many different canon series does Logan appear in anyway ? I really wish they would explain the order some of these issues happen in. I am always trying to make sense of what happens first. (New Avengers and X-Men for example.) Since issue 65 takes place right after Messiah Complex, it’s believable that issues 57-61 haven’t happened yet. What does bother me is issues 50 – 56 , I would like to know more about Logan’s super secret new villain. They better not try to sweep that under the rug and pretend like that never happened. :/

  4. I have to say I agree with those who don’t see Logan at his worst in this issue. Alright his actions cost 4 people thier lives, but they were dead already if Mystique hadn’t payed the cops.
    Overall I think Logan’s attutide is sensible, and pretty much the only thing he could do under the circumstances.
    Time and time again he’s proved he and Mystique have nothing in common.

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